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The fourth quarter each year is also a very busy time for businesses as well as for their financial advisor team. The team consists of Financial Organizers, Accountants, Financial Advisors, and Tax Consultants. This is also a time when businesses focus on reviewing and planning. Before the review or planning can be done, the financial data needs to be updated to reflect the current activities. It’s the Financial Organizer’s task to get all the documents and data ready for this crucial aspect of the review and planning process.

The tasks performed are as follows:

  1. Review payroll-related information

  2. Request & review form W-9 from Subcontractors

  3. Inventory review, count and adjust

  4. Clean up business receipts

  5. Review Payables and Receivables

  6. Reconcile Accounts: Bank, Credit Card, Loan Accounts

  7. Make adjustments to Balance Sheet Accounts

  8. Run Profit and Loss Statements

  9. Run Balance Sheet Statements

  10. Run Cash Flow Statements

You can reach out to Plus 1 Bookkeeping to assist you with organizing your financial data.

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